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Three Arrows Art
       by a Choctaw Native

My Story?

     Since childhood, I have harbored a deep passion for art and photography. Whether it was capturing moments with a Polaroid or a 35mm camera, I always found joy in these creative pursuits. My grandmother and I would embark on photography adventures together, creating lasting memories.Over time, my dedication to photography has garnered significant recognition, with over 40 million views on Google photographs.

       As a single father raising a 6-year-old son, I have embraced art not only as a hobby but also as a means to support our livelihood. Unfortunately, my son's mother depleted my 401k, maxed out loans and credit cards, and left us. Despite her actions, it seems accountability is seldom enforced for women in Oklahoma who commit such crimes. I have been entangled in the Tulsa court system for over three years, and a court date for her actions seems elusive.I have my son and that is all that matters. I wish I could give him a better life but in the situation she left us in it is not possible at this time. My hope is for Three Arrows Art website and sales\donations may help us with that.

       Although I am a proud member of my tribe, I do not reside on tribal land. Regrettably, I receive minimal support from them due to this, but my affiliation with the nation remains unwavering. I have refrained from utilizing most tribal benefits since they are predominantly accessible to those living within the Choctaw Tribe's counties. I have a strong belief that all Tribes should band together.

        For more than a decade, I have remained steadfast in the same job, providing stability for my family.

With every sale of my artwork and through generous donations, I aim to rebuild our lives and offer my son a brighter future filled with enriching experiences and travel. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA). If this decision doesn't align with your values, you have the choice not to purchase my art.

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